Arita Ware Takumi no Kura Sake Glass Circle

Arita Ware Takumi no Kura Sake Glass Circle

Size: 6.5 x 6cm

The interpretation of classic "kikizake Choko", hence the name of "Kura". The blue lines represent the Janome, the snake eye used to measure the degree of filtration with a visual assessment of turbidity.


Arita-yaki porcelain has its special technique which comes from 400 years of long history. It has influenced some of the most famous ceramics in Europe and it is the pride of Japan. (Arita's porcelains are mainly known in Europe as "Imari", from the small port from which these porcelains left for Europe, exported by the first Dutch merchants.)


The “Takumi-no-kura” tableware series was born from the Monozukuri (creating) Project which has the points of view of the three parties: potteries (producers), trading companies (retailers) and consumers. It has been created so that the traditional art of Arita-yaki that is as precious as a World Heritage, could be used in everyday life.

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