Ayako Ishiguro Art works

Ayako Ishiguro Art works

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Genkosha, Tokyo 2016

Size: 21 x 15 cm

Pages: 175



Ayako Ishiguro (石黒亜矢子) is a Japanese illustrator, cartoonist, painter, and the wife of Junji Ito. She's most known for her depictions of Yokai, creatures, and animals, particularly cats. Ishiguro often collaborates her husband for exhibitions and various publications.

She won the Shinichiro Wakao Prize at the 4th ARTBOX Gallery Awards Exhibition. Selected for the 7th Arbanate and was also wwarded at the 6th Itsubo Exhibition.


A collection of more than 200 works that Ayako Ishiguro has drawn so far. A powerful youkai picture drawn on her panel and sliding doors, and many works presented in her solo exhibition are posted at once.