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Cochae Origami Card Book Kyoto

Cochae Origami Card Book Kyoto

SKU: 9784861524707

Seigensha 2017

48 Pages

23 x 14 cm


Kyoto is a world-famous tourist destination loved by both Japanese and people from overseas. The specialty products and famous locations of Kyoto have been made into charming graphic origami! Each of the motifs embodies an essential element of Japanese culture. Here’s a chance to feel the fascination of Japan while having fun folding these origami designs. The mini book also makes a great souvenir or gift to send to friends overseas. The book contains 24 origami designs including Maiko-san (apprentice geisha), Daimonji (mountain bonfire), Kyoto vegetables, green-tea flavor soft-serve ice cream, goblins, temples, and Japanese confections.

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