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The Erotica Museum

The Erotica Museum

The Erotica Museum


Seigensha, Tokyo, 2023


Size: 15 x 10 cm

Pages: 448

Language: Japanese & English


In the midst of the unprecedented sightseeing boom in the 1970s, the "hidden treasure museum" was born in a sightseeing spot for adult entertainment.The production of each hall, overflowing with novel and eccentric creativity, looks fresh even in the present age.Sexual amusement parks born in the Showa era are like art spaces.The book also includes photos and manuscripts from 2023, which follow the aftermath of the Hibokan.Most of the hidden treasures in this book no longer exist, and there are some hidden treasures that are probably only seen here in photos even. It is a shame that there was a time, just a short while ago, when Japanese people created such strange places and made them popular as backstage tourist attractions, just as children were becoming adults. Whether you are ashamed of it or enjoy it, it will change the way you look at our country.

Kyoichi Tsuzuki

Born in Tokyo in 1956, Tsuzuki wrote articles on contemporary art*design*urban life for POPEYE and BRUTUS magazines from 1976 to 1986, and from 1989 to 1992 published the 102-volume "Art Random Art Random] was published. Since then, he has been writing and editing books in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, photography, and design, etc. In 1993, he published "TOKYO STYLE," which captures the real lives of Tokyoites, and in 1997, he won the 23rd Ihei Kimura Photography Award for "ROADSIDE JAPAN: Rare Japanese Travels. He continues to cover roadside travel in Japan and around the world.
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