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Daido Moriyama 'auto-portrait'

Daido Moriyama 'auto-portrait'

Daido Moriyama 'auto-portrait'

MATCH and Company Co., Ltd, Tokyo 2010

First Edition

Limited Edition of 1000

Size: 26,3 x 18,9 cm

Pages: 84 


This is the first book of MMM label collaborating with Daido Moriyama, Satoshi Machiguchi and Hisako Motoo, started in 2010. The text in the book is contributed by Simon Baker


“When I take my reflections or shadows, I somehow feel personal consciousness. Photographs are reflections of selves even if there would not be selves in finders. My answer to a question: photography is a mirror or a window? is that photography is a unity of a mirror and a window.


Is Photography a medium to reflect society or self? Both are involved, I think.”


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