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Daido Moriyama 'Japan, a Photo Theater' 2018 (japanese version)

Daido Moriyama 'Japan, a Photo Theater' 2018 (japanese version)

Getsuyosha, Tokyo 2018

Size: 30,8 x  22,8 cm

Pages: 232


Language: Japanese


The very first photobook by legendary Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama, “Japan: A Photo Theater,” is finally available again in a renewed edition.
Originally published in 1968 – the year which also saw the launch of the influential Provoke magazine – the book already demonstrates Moriyama’s trademark visual style. On invitation of Japanese writer Shuji Terayama, Moriyama began photographing members of a traveling theater group, adding shots of dwarf show dancers, strip clubs, street performers, fetuses in formaldehyde containers and other motifs. “Japan: A Photo Theater” concludes with detailed information regarding the photographs’ creation and their first appearances in Japanese magazines.

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