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Daido Moriyama 'Sunflower' SIGNED

Daido Moriyama 'Sunflower' SIGNED

Limited Edition of 1000 copies!

nr 931


MATCH and Company Co., Ltd, Tokyo 2011

Size: 29,7 x 18,2 cm

Pages: 88






You could see 64 images of flowers of Daido Moriyama in each photograph for over 40 years in this book. The large-flowered rose in monochrome of 1964 was used as the main image of his solo exhibition at Cariter Foundation in 2004. The cover of the book firstly published in 1998 "memories of a dog: a final chapter" is a withered sunflower. (Also in Store) Also, the last page of "Kyoku/Erotica" which is gathering snapshots after 2000 was sunflowers. That image of the hill filled with sunflowers was a impressive motif of the same titled exhibition in 2006. The title "sunflower" means one of Daido's main subjects and a symbol of his flowers' images. 

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