Daiyo Rice Bran Taper Candles (2pack)

Daiyo Rice Bran Taper Candles (2pack)

Daiyo's plant-based candle, made from 100% Japanese rice bran wax. Rice bran wax is harder than other waxes conventionally used for candles thus lasts substantially longer.


Daiyo has been producing genuine traditional Japanese candles only using 100% botanical/plant based materials since their establishment of 1914. These taper candles are created from their new experiments to match more easily with the modern day living. They are much larger than regular Japanese traditional candles, each candle burn for over 8 hours. 


Rice bran wax candles have a natural yellow colour (shades may slightly vary depending on the season) and have a mild and pleasant natural smell of rice bran. They are nontoxic and more suitable for sensitive people with allergies or asthma or people who care about environment than paraffin candles.

Rice Bran is byproduct of the rice milling process (the conversion of brown rice to white rice), and it contains various antioxidants that impart beneficial effects on human health so it is used a lot on beauty and health products. As rice is grown and consumed enormously in Japan, there is always so much rice bran in our culture. 


540 minutes burning time (H 23,5 cm)