Daiyo Warousoku Rice Wax Candles

Daiyo Warousoku Rice Wax Candles

Warousoku Handmade Japanese Candles

Burns for 15 min, so ideal for a quick meditation or as a timer for a short break.


Daiyo uses 100% local and natural plant wax and are completely handmade. By using a sustainable resource, these traditional Japanese candles giver very little smoke and a brighter flame than modern paraffin candles.

Environmental-friendliness is the greatest feature of Daiyo’s candles.


The cat and mouse design on the product packaging tells a little history as well. As natural wax attracts a lot of mice, wax candle makers would always have a cat around to catch or scare off the mice.


Candle (Each): H 4.5cm  

15 minutes burning time


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