Floyd Handmade  Fuji Wan Rice Bowl 2-Piece Set In Blue & Red

Floyd Handmade Fuji Wan Rice Bowl 2-Piece Set In Blue & Red

Hasamiyaki-style hand-glazed and kiln-fired porcelain and ceramic


Founded in 2005 in Mishimi city in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan, Floyd was born from a group of designers who had set for objective to “relay emotions, create the surprise and give smiles to people”. Since then, Floyd has been developing items with unique and stylish designs coming from the encounter of contemporary designers and traditional craftsmanship.

These small bowls are part of the collection called Mount Fuji made in Hasami, well-know for its porcelain craftsmanship in Japan. It represents the most beautiful symbol of Japan with its perfect symetrical shape and mellow colors. Each glaze applied by hand shows different landscape of the sacred mountain. In blue, it evokes the clouds tied to the peak. In red, it reminds the mountain tainted by the moon. Placed right side up or upside down, and available in several colors and sizes, you will enjoy many sceneries on your table.


Comes in exquisite paulownia gift box reminiscent of clouds surrounding the peak of Mount Fuji


Size: Blue bowl DIA 13.5 cm x H 5.5 cm | Red bowl DIA 12 cm x H 5 cm