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GA-09 Raideen - 'Chogokin' Popy 2° version 70-80ties -

GA-09 Raideen - 'Chogokin' Popy 2° version 70-80ties -

(See picture for condition. Sold as is. Box has no insterts and missing top flap.)


GA-09 Raideen is Popy's first deluxe transforming toy. 


The Japanese TV show aired from April 4, 1975 1976, and ran for 50 episodes. Brave Raideen told the story of Akira Hibiki, who pilots the giant robot to fight against the Devil Empire. Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of Mobile Suit Gundam, directed the first 26 episodes of the show. He quit and was replaced with Tadao Nagahama, who also directed Combattler V and Voltes V.

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