Ghost in the Shell "Tachikoma" S.A.C. Soft Vinyl

Ghost in the Shell "Tachikoma" S.A.C. Soft Vinyl

Tachikoma Soft Vinyl 23 cm (!)

Box 23cm X 33cm


FEWTURE MODELS has taken all the attenton around the popular anime "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C" and sculpted "Tachikoma" into a soft vinyl figure! In a strained atmosphere, he's sometimes carefree, he's sometimes philosophical, and he'll give you a heart warming feeling when you see him. It's the mascot of Public Security Section 9! His two manipulator arms and four legs all have joints in them, allowing you to recreate scenes from the anime itself. He spans a great 24cm, and is also pretty tall. You can display him all over the place!


Please notice there is a cut mark in the front of the box / see photograph