Goldorak - Grendizer / Revoltech Kaiyodo

Goldorak - Grendizer / Revoltech Kaiyodo

Legacy of Revoltech Grendizer LR-056


- 11 joints used on this heavy looking body, for a stylish, yet overwhelming action poses!
- Thanks to Revoltech Yamaguchi, you can recreate the flashy posing of the super robot!
- The distinctive weapon, Double Harken has been reproduced with an attachment function, and can make an action pose held with one hand or double handed.
- The harken on the shoulder is detachable, allowing him to wear it or hold it!
- By swapping the forearms of both arms and the wrist parts, you can recreate the Screw Crusher!
- The wrist and neck joints uses a wrist joint, increasing the range of movement.
- Comes with 4 types of option hand parts and a display base, for a greater range of poses!
- Total mobile joints: 17 joints
- Full Height: approx. 120mm
- Includes: Double Harken x1, Option Hand parts x4, Screw Crusher x2 (Left + Right), Display Base x1, Rivocontainer x1, Rivo-chip (worth 10 points) x1




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