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Hasami Ware Buddhist Octogan Salt Set

Hasami Ware Buddhist Octogan Salt Set

Salt has been a traditional remedy to bad luck in Japan for thousands of years. Salt has a strong purifying power and has been used as a charm since ancient times.

Mori shio has long been used as a Japanese Feng Shui method of guarding the home or business. Salt is put in a pair of small dishes in a mountain shape by the entrance. In Feng Shui, the octagon shape is said to have the power to draw good luck. It is that that by incorporating an octagon in the salt, the effect of the salt is maximized, the overall energy of the house is adjusted, and fortune rises.



Plate: 8 cm

Octagon: 5.5 x 5.5 cm


<How to use>
1. Fill with salt with the Tongari in the salt cup facing down, so that there are no gaps.
2. Place a small star anise plate on the salt-filled frontage of a salt cup.
3. Turn it over with the star anise cup and star anise plate firmly attached.
(Make the star anise plate down and the star anise on top)
4. Gently lift the salt cup and the salt will be in the shape of an octagonal  (If you remove it in a hurry, it may lose its shape.)
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