'Lady Snowblood' (1972) Kazuo Kamimura - Complete 2 Volume Set / Japanese

The best known work by master mangaka Kazuo Kamimura since Quentin Tarantino 'took it' as the base for his Kill Bill films.


Kazuo worked together with another great master, writter Kazuo Koike, who gave us the Edo era classic 'Lone Wolf and Cub'.


PLOT: Oyuki - Lady Snowblood - is given a task of vengeance to kill those who murdered her family and raped her mother. One of them was stabbed to death by Oyuki's mother. She was sent to jail for that crime and had a daughter (Oyuki) in prison to exact retribution of the other three perpetrators.


Kadokawa Shoten, Tokyo 2001

Size: 18X13 cm

Pages: 533

Text: Japanese


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