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Keizo Kitajima '1975-1991'

Keizo Kitajima '1975-1991'

Keizo Kitajima '1975-1991' : Koza / Tokyo / New York / Eastern Europe / USSR


Sankei Shinbun, Tokyo 2009

First Edition



Size: 25,8 x 21 cm

Pages: 214



Exhibition-cataloogue of the Keizo Kitajima expo at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Aug. 29-Oct. 18, 2009.

Kitajima Keizo, a student of Daido Moriyama , is "acclaimed for his serene photographic works in which he uses a large format camera to take fixed point photographs of people or places that are highly sought after by museums and galleries... In 1975, "when he attended Moriyama Daido's Workshop Photography School, he photographed the Koza district of Okinawa, then followed this by travelling to Tokyo, New York, Eastern Europe and finally, the Soviet Union in 1991, prior to its collapse, taking a vast number of snapshots of people's lives during the Cold War." The 190 photographs of this exhibition "continue to provide a powerful record of the lives of people who lived in these places" during that time. Photographs in color and black and white.


Text in Japanese and English

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