'Kekko Kamen' (1974) Go Nagai - complete 5 vol / Japanese

'Kekko Kamen' (1974) Go Nagai - complete 5 vol / Japanese

The absolute guilty pleasure of manga, master Go Nagai's (from 'Harenchi Gakuen') "ecchi" (= kinky) series about a masked but nude female superhero defending the virtues of her classmates. This is the complete series of 5 volumes in reprint with gorgeous covers !


PLOT: First-year student Mayumi Takahashi attends a junior high school called Sparta Academy (スパルタ学園, Suparuta Gakuen), where the penalty for any student (usually girls) making the slightest mistake is being sexually humiliated by the perverted, corrupt and misogynistic teachers running the school, the principal being a demonic, jester-like villain named "Toenail of Satan". However, before the teachers can take their sexual advances too far, Kekko Kamen steps in and delivers a sound beating to the teachers.


Jump Comics

18cm x 12cm