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Kiyoshi Awazu 'Scrapbook' (Reprint)

Kiyoshi Awazu 'Scrapbook' (Reprint)

Kiyoshi Awazu 'Design Drawing' (Reprint)

Seigensha, Tokyo 2006

Size: 21 x 15 cm

Pages: 462


A collection of works by Kiyoshi Awazu, a designer who led the graphic design after the war, "Kiyoshi Awazu Design Drawing (Reprint Edition)". Born in 1929. He studied painting and design on his own, and in 1955 won the Nisshinbi Award for his poster work "Return the Sea" at the "Japan Advertising Art Association Exhibition", which was a gateway competition for graphic designers at the time. In 1960, he participated in the group "Metabolism" created by architects such as Kisho Kurokawa. Kiyoshi Awazu has created an image full of originality that sets it apart from the trend of modern design after the war, such as Yusaku Kamekura. Although he died in 2009, his unique creativity is still inspiring, with exhibitions being held frequently after his death. This book is a reprint of a collection of works published in 1970, including early sketches and works from the 1950s. Many graphic designs that can only be expressed by Kiyoshi Awazu, such as high-impact posters, intelligent bindings, illustrations with unique horse mackerel, and magical works using seals and letters, are still attractive without fading. .. The reprint contains a postscript by Ryoichi Enomoto, who also edits the original version.

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