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Kutsuwa Zikeshi Magnetic Eraser Pen

Kutsuwa Zikeshi Magnetic Eraser Pen

SKU: 4901478159756

This magnetic eraser pen feels like something from the future. Long gone are the days where eraser rubbings were a problem. Yes, this is all in the past with this little gadget!

The Kutsuwa Zikeshi eraser is slim and easy to hold and is a perfect fit for any pencil case. Now for the magic of this eraser pen: the eraser dust sticks to the magnet at the end of the pen and when you pull the knob on the cap it removes the magnetic field so you can remove the eraser dust - but be sure to be next to a bin when doing this. The eraser itself that is on the opposite end of the pen to the magnet has a small diameter of 5mm, so you can erase even the smallest details.

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