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Larry Clark 'Tulsa' Japanese Edition

Larry Clark 'Tulsa' Japanese Edition

Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo 1996

First Edition


Pages: 64

Limited Edition of 1200

exact reprint of the original edition


Originally published in 1971 by Lustrum Press in softcover. In 1979, Clark self-published the book in cloth, with an illustrated dust jacket. The only other edition, aside from the Grove Press reprint in 2000, is this Japanese cloth edition.


When it first appeared in 1971, Larry Clark's groundbreaking book Tulsa sparked immediate controversy across the nation. Its graphic depictions of sex, violence, and drug abuse in the youth culture of Oklahoma were acclaimed by critics for stripping bare the myth that Middle America had been immune to the social convulsions that rocked America in the 1960s. The raw, haunting images taken in 1963, 1968, and 1971 document a youth culture progressively overwhelmed by self-destruction - and are as moving and disturbing today as when they first appeared. 

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