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Mana Organic Toothbrush

Mana Organic Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush

Size: Main body 21cm, brush part 2.4cm


Bamboo is attracting attention as a sustainable material because of its fast growth, which can be harvested in three years, and its role in absorbing more CO2 than other plants. We are particular about the materials and the background of the production process, and use organic bamboo that has acquired FSC, an international forest certification system based on the principles and standards of responsible forest management, which is supported by consensus among stakeholders in the environmental, social, and economic fields.  

The thick body is designed to feel light and fluffy when you hold it, and to give you a firm grip. The brush part is made of BPA-free ultra-fine nylon bristles without using pig or horse hair from the viewpoint of animal protection (vegan).

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