'Metropolis' (1948) Osamu Tezuka - Hardcover deluxe / Japanese

'Metropolis' (1948) Osamu Tezuka - Hardcover deluxe / Japanese

A beautiful reprint in rare hardcover edition !


Osamu Tezuka, the God of manga, created more then 700 manga and draw 400.000 pages. He defined modern manga, gave it most of its core characteristics and never stopped working. Before his famous 'Astro Boy' (1952)  he had already several series released, among them 3 'one shot' classics (when meanwhile he was studying medicine at the university !).

'Lost World' (1948), 'Metropolis' (1948) and 'Nextworld' (1951). These 3 are seen as the finest in early manga history.


Shogakukan publisher

20cm x 13cm

Hardcover reprint