Nambu Tekki Iron Eggplant

Nambu Tekki Iron Eggplant

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Ideal for coloring pickles and replenishing iron.

It is a long-selling product, iron vegetable cucumber of Nanbu Tekki.
You can use it as a substitute for old nails by putting it in a kettle or pot to elute iron, sanding shells, and coloring black beans and eggplant pickles.
You can also enjoy it as a paperweight, chopstick rest, figurine, or ornament.
It's very easy to use, such as putting it in a kettle to boil water or using it to color the eggplant pickles.

● How to use ・ It is a substitute for pickling old eggplant, which has long been known as a wisdom of life for coloring eggplant pickles.
Simply put it in fresh eggplant and soak it in it to make a beautiful purple color.

・ If you add it to the simmered black soybeans when boiling the black soybeans, the black color of the black soybeans will be clear.

・ If you put it in the sand of the shell when you sand the shell, the sand will be removed quickly and cleanly.

・ If you put it in a kettle when boiling water, iron will elute into the water.


Iron is an essential mineral your body needs to function properly.

This little egg plant shaped iron block comes handy for intake iron. Just cook with this egg shaped iron block or put them in the pot or kettle when boil water.