Nobuyoshi Araki 'Photo-Crazy A'

Nobuyoshi Araki 'Photo-Crazy A'

Catalogue for exhibition in 2017 at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery. Hundreds of photos, interview with Araki and a bibliography of 520 books published by the artist.


Kawade Shobo Shinsa, Tokyo 2017

Book Size: 247 x 186 mm

Pages: 272 pages



The title, Photo-Crazy A, refers to Araki, who likens himself to Katsushika Hokusai, an artist who remained extremely active even after entering old age, and adopted the name “Gakyorojin Manji” (“Old Man Crazy to Paint 卍”) in his mid-70s. Like Hokusai, Araki’s work conveys the extraordinary energy of someone who has pursued an endless inquiry throughout his life.


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