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Nobuyoshi Araki 'Pseudo Diary'

Nobuyoshi Araki 'Pseudo Diary'

No Nise Nikki

Byakuya-shobo, Tokyo 1980

First Edition

Size: 26 x 17,5 cm

Pages: 296

Softcover with slipcase


Referenced in « Nobuyoshi ARAKI : Ararchy Photobook Mania » p.257 n°34 and in « SELF / LIFE / DEATH. » p.694.


From the book’s foreword, written by Akira Hasegawa:

“This book is a compilation of diary entries and photographs that Araki ran as a serial in a magazine entitled “Weekend Super.” One entry reads: ‘July 4. Got up at 9a.m. Decided on sex over jogging. Ate breakfast watching Baisho Chieko and Hashi Yukio on the tube. Fried rice and leftovers on parade…’ Everything written is true, and at the same time, nonsense. Walking the tightrope between the two, Araki reveals his backstage props to the audience.”

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