Osamu Tezuka Frontispiece Collection 1950-1970

Osamu Tezuka Frontispiece Collection 1950-1970

SKU: 9784768309148

Genkosha, Tokyo 2018

Size: 29,7 x 21 cm

Pages: 288



The collection book of Osamu Tezuka's works featuring the frontispieces used in magazines―now seen here in book form.
A frontispiece is the decorative illustration in the beginning of a book, facing the title page. In order to draw readers' attention, some books depict thematic elements with a unique arrangement or framework. Many of the works in Tezuka Osamu Frontispiece Collection 1950-1970 appear for the first time, as frontispieces used in magazines are normally cut off once they come out in book form. Narrowing down to his early-to-mid works exclusively, about 600 works were selected out of 2,000 potential works of which precious original drawings exist. It is a book not only of high value as a record, but delightful for casual fans as well.