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Provoke Complete Reprint of 3 Volumes

Provoke Complete Reprint of 3 Volumes

PROVOKE Complete Reprint of 3 Volumes

Nitesha, Tokyo 2018


Size: 21 x 21 cm

Pages: 68 pages



Size: 24,2 x 18 cm

Pages: 109

Softcover, Obi Strip


Size: 24 x 18,4 cm

Pages: 110



The Provoke magazine, created and published by art critic Koji Taki, photographer Takuma Nakahira, poet Takahiko Okada, photographer Yutaka Takanashi and (for issues 2 & 3) photographer Daido Moriyama, has had an immeasurable influence on photography world-wide. The individual issues, however, have become extremely rare books that only very few photography enthusiasts will ever see.

With this true-to-original re-release, Japanese publisher Nitesha offers a facsimile reprint of the seminal three issues and their once ridiculed are-bure-boke aesthetics. The three re-issues are as close to the originals as possible, including book sizes and paper choice, and feature all images and texts of the originals – including all of Takahiko Okada’s texts. Additionally, a fourth booklet offers complete English and Chinese translations of all essays and poems of each of the three issues.

A must-have for all connoisseurs of Japanese photography.

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