Rabbit Imabari Towel Kosan Temple

Rabbit Imabari Towel Kosan Temple

Size: 34x 36cm

Country of manufacture: Japan

Material : Cotton 98% / Rayon 2%


Choju-jinbutsu-giga product produced under certificate from Kyoto Toganoo Kosan-ji Temple


Choju-jinbutsu-giga are famous ink painted scrolls or Emakimono, a National treasure of Japan, beloning to Kosan-ji Temple in Kyoto.


Bincho charcoal fiber is used. Binchotan is a high grade charcoal, produced at Kiushu Region in Japan. The thread weaves Bincho charcoal into the gauze


Imabari has led the towel industry for 120 years as the mecca of towel production. The area has established its position as a representative of Japanese quality with its “safe, secure, and high quality” products.
The towels’ softness and good water absorbency have especially gained popularity abroad and its name is recognized around the world.