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'Reviving Showa Era' Mook 1976

'Reviving Showa Era' Mook 1976

'Reviving Showa Era' Mook

cover Kiyoshi Awazu

Shogakukan, Tokyo, 1976

Size: 29 x 22 cm


'Reviving Showa Era' Mook is one of Shogakukan's romance mook series "Reviving Showa romance" released in 1976 (Showa 51). The word mook (a coined word that combines Magazine and Book) was born at that time. It refers to a book that takes up one theme from all angles in a magazine-like editing style and tailors it into a condensed book. The theme of this book is the Showa era, and it covers all aspects of the city, culture, movies, entertainment world, clothing, tools, books, and so on.

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