Revoltech 013 Mogera (from "The Mysterians") Godzilla

Revoltech 013 Mogera (from "The Mysterians") Godzilla

The first robot monster in Japanese tokusatsu films, a weapon of alien invasion that attacks from underground!


The maniacally popular Mogera, the original "Alien Monster Robot", is now available as a "Special Effects Revoltech" figure. 15 revolver joints are used throughout the body, allowing for large action poses to be taken. The antenna on the head can be attached in any direction you like. The drill on the tip of the nose can also be rotated. Clear parts are used for the jaw. The tail is divided into blocks, which can be rotated to move freely. The entire body is covered in metallic colors to express the "extraterrestrial mechanic" feeling.


The special stand is sculpted with a lush tree.

A miniature alien (Mysterian) figure is included.

Includes meticulously sculpted Earth defense weapon, the Markalite Farp.


Height: approx. 145mm

Movable parts: 19 total

Joint usage: 15 pieces



 Mysterian figure x 1

 Marker Light Furp x 1

 Stand for Marker Light Farp x 1

 Display stand x 1

 Name plate x 1


Sculptor: Takashi Kinoshita

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