Shigaraki Ware Hechimon Green Matcha Bowl

Shigaraki Ware Hechimon Green Matcha Bowl

Comes in a paper gift box.

Hand-crafted in Shiga-pref, Japan


12x Height 8cm



Shigaraki ware

Shiga Prefecture Shogaku-shi Shigaraki Town is one of the six Japanese old kilns and has a long history of 1260 years.

In 1976 it received a designation of traditional Japanese craftmanship



As tea-making has become an art form over the centuries, so have matcha bowls themselves become works of art. The organic, undulating shape of traditional matcha bowls is designed to create the smooth, frothy consistency beloved by tea enthusiasts. Because of its essential role in the Japanese tea ceremony, a tea bowl is traditionally considered one of the most graceful and treasured items in your home.

The Yanagi Matcha Bowl features a comfortable organic shape and a multifaceted glaze that shows hints of green, turquoise, and earth. 


How to Use:

To prepare matcha, pour boiling water into the tea bowl and allow to cool slightly. Add ceremonial-grade matcha using a bamboo ladle. Using a chasen (bamboo whisk), whisk vigorously in an “M” shape until the matcha reaches a creamy froth. Sip directly from bowl.



Materials: Clay

Care: Owning a matcha bowl requires thoughtful handling and careful use. Because of their handmade quality, these bowls are not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher, and should be rinsed and dried immediately after use. Be careful not to introduce water that is too hot, as that may encourage glaze cracking. 


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