Shigeru Mizuki 'Yokai' Art Book (With Obi) Collector's Edition

Shigeru Mizuki 'Yokai' Art Book (With Obi) Collector's Edition

Fukkan.Com Inc, Tokyo 2018

Size: 23,4 x 16 cm

Pages: 262

Text: Japanese


Hardcover book


Shigeru Mizuki's magnificent yokai illustrations are compiled into a collection just as the first 1970 edition in size and volume.
Mizuki's most beloved work GeGeGe no Kitaro first appeared on TV in 1968 and gained wide popularity in the 1970's and 1980's. Mizuki then released various yokai art books and encyclopedias; however, "Shigeru Mizuki Yokai Art Book" was considered to be the best from his early work. This magnificent storyteller collected hundreds of yokai tales from Japan's endangered folklore tradition and depicted them as creepy but adorable yokai characters illustrated in vivid detail. Enjoy the ultimate encyclopedia of yokai where the artists presence is felt on every page.


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