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Suda Issei 'Fragments of Everyday Life'

Suda Issei 'Fragments of Everyday Life'

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When asked what I shoot, I generally reply “everyday life,” but I’m never quite sure whether this is the correct answer. “Everyday life” is simply the most innocuous term to offer as a response.
——Issei Suda


Seigensha 2018

128 pages

305 x 220 mm



In the 1980s Japanese photographer Suda Issei, best known for his monochrome photography, began shooting in color using a medium format camera.

The photobook “Fragment of Everyday Life” collects 150 of Suda’s color photographs, uniting images from his series “SPOT”, for which Issei photographed locations of various incidents, “Elegy” (published in Nihon Camera in 1995), “Normal Life” (Asahi Camera 1995), “Provocation of Lights” from the July 1994 issue of Nihon Camera, and the titular “Fragment of Everyday Life”, serialised in Nihon Camera from 1983 to 1984.

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