Suehiro Maruo 'Jigoku II' First Edition 1995

Suehiro Maruo 'Jigoku II' First Edition 1995

Limited edition of 1200 pieces, numbered with two red hanko stamps.

nr 0588

Includes a poster of the book's front cover (second photo) folded inside the box, two exhibition flyers and a small booklet (all text in Japanese). Book has a woven bookmark sewn in to the binding.


Maruo Jigoku II explores a special level of hell created by the Japanese master of eroguro manga Suehiro Maruo. Four full color pages, remaining pages are 90% black and white with one section pink, yellow, and blue. There are approximately 11 manga stories included and a few full page artworks.


Seirindo, 1995

Pages: 232