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Tadanori Yokoo 'Yukon, Ken Takakura'

Tadanori Yokoo 'Yukon, Ken Takakura'

Kokushokankokai, Tokyo 2009

Size: 28×20,3cm

Numbered: 0428


Facsimile edition of the 'phantom book' from 1971 with a new outer protective box. Although originally printed in 1971, the book was never officially launched.

Tadanori Yokoo, who edited the original at the time, was involved in the supervision again, and the bookbinding has been greatly upgraded. The latest high-definition printing technology has been used to reproduce the original photographs more beautifully. Photos by Tsutomu Endo, Daido Moriyama, Eiko Hosoe, Yoshihiro Tatsuki and Kenji Ishiguro and valuable private photos and snapshots. 

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