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Takazawa Handmade Japanese Candles Nanao (Set of 5)

Takazawa Handmade Japanese Candles Nanao (Set of 5)

This set of Japanese Nanao Candles is hand produced using sumac wax and plant-derived ingredients. It is crafted by an artisan candle maker based in the Noto peninsula of Ishikawa prefecture, using traditional techniques and inspired by the shape and form of Nanao city’s local plants. Along with this, the candles are all named after a letter of the word “plant.”

Each candle is handmade with wax from the sumac tree. The special wax is eco friendly.

These traditional Japanese candles (Wa-rōsoku) are distinguished by their washi paper wicks, which allow the candles to burn brightly with a tall yet, sustainable flame. The candles produce very little smoke and odour, making it ideal for setting up at the dinner table to cast a warm natural light in the room.

Burn Time: 110 Minutes

11 cm/4.33 inch. Burns for around 130 minutes.

Compatible with Takazawa Candle Stand

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