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Tokyo Arttrip 'Cofee Shops'

Tokyo Arttrip 'Cofee Shops'

SKU: 9784568431131

Bijutsu Shuppan-sha Co, Tokyo

Size:  21 x 12 cm

Pages: 128


TOKYO ARTRIP is a unique series of guidebooks on Tokyo from an expert art and design perspective. The following titles are available: Japanese Green Tea, Wagashi, Architecture, Japanese Antiques, Sake, and Coffee Shops. Wonderful for planning the perfect trip to Tokyo!


This time, the focus is on Tokyo’s famous cafés and Japanese coffee culture. Among the consultants are Yoshiyuki Morioka, owner of Morioka Books, food writer Sakiko Hirano, and writer and photographer Yoko Kawaguchi. From retro locales reminiscent of the Showa era and quaint shops occupying former residences, to cafés boasting their own home-roasted beans, the best local spots for relaxing with the perfect cup of coffee are selected.

All texts, including addresses and store information, are written in Japanese and English for easy navigation in both languages. Cover illustration is by a popular Japanese illustrator Noritake.

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