Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencil Set Seascape

Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencil Set Seascape

Irojiten is a beautifully crafted collection of premium Japanese colored pencils presented in elegant book-like cases. They have a luxurious enamel finish and a soft wax-based lead that produces rich, creamy texture while blends smoothly and evenly. Designed for professional artists but equally enjoyed by beginners, Irojiten colors layer easily without waxy build-up.


  • Volume 7 - Fluorescence: Plastic Pink, Surprise Red, Equatorial Orange, Sunset Orange, Dazzling Sun, Firefly Yellow, Lightning Yellow, Neon Green, Flash Green, and Vigorous Green.
  • Volume 8 - Very Pale Tone: Cameo Pink, Almond Blossom, Ecru, Eggshell, Asparagus, Opal Green, Cascade, Horizon Blue, Lupine, and Verbena.
  • Volume 9 - Dull Tone: Cedar Wood, Cinnamon, Oil Yellow, Sage Green, Verdigris, Hummingbird, Jay Blue, Hydrangea Blue, Heather, and Tyrian purple.

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