Uni Jetstream Edge 3 Color Ballpoint Multi Pen  0.28 mm

Uni Jetstream Edge 3 Color Ballpoint Multi Pen 0.28 mm

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The world's first 0.28 mm oil-based ballpoint multi pen, the Jetstream Edge offers an extraordinarily fine and precise writing experience. Its stylish body features a hexagonal plastic barrel and a lightly ridged metal grip section. The pen widens gradually from top to tip, giving the pen a comfortably wide grip and a low center of gravity for improved stability and control.

This multi pen features an asymmetrical tip design with the opening close to the top edge of the pen. When you turn the dial at the back of the pen, it rotates the refills inside the pen so that the refill you select extends straight through the tip. This makes it easier to see the tip as you write, and it also allows the tip to be held more securely for a stable, rattle-free writing experience.

Like other Jetstream pens, the Edge features a special low-viscosity ballpoint ink that is beloved for its exceptional combination of smoothness, clean lines, and rich color. The ink is also water resistant, fade resistant, and forgery resistant, making it a safe choice for important notes and signatures.



  • Ultra-fine 0.28 mm writing tips with a tapered "Point Tip" shape that offers a clear view of the writing area.
  • Three colors of smooth, low-viscosity Jetstream ballpoint ink.
  • Dial at the top of the pen for selecting the ink color.
  • Sleek body design.
  • Asymmetrical tip.
  • Metal grip section.
  • Low center of gravity for excellent stability and control.
  • Sturdy wire pocket clip.