Ushijima Tea Company Yame Sencha Green Tea with Matcha, 50 g

Enjoy the bitter uplift of matcha in a soothingly rich cup of sencha green tea.


Meticulously harvested and steamed to capture the deepest, smooth flavours of only the finest sencha leaves, this green tea provides the perfect body and mind refresh, with an infusion of rich matcha powder offering sublime fullness. Freshly blended with the abundant leaves grown at Yame, Fukuoka's famed tea fields, the hilly, misty climate keeps both sunlight and moisture carefully in check so each leaf packs the nutritious qualities this tea looks to fully extract. Steamed, rolled and twisted to release its more complex, hidden potential, this loose tea reduces the sharper aromas and astringency, so each reviving sip comes easier and more enriched. A bittersweet beverage that brings calmness and refined taste to your daily detox.


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