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Yokai Manga vol.2 : Ukiyoe of Monstrous Creatures

Yokai Manga vol.2 : Ukiyoe of Monstrous Creatures

SKU: 9784861523298

Seigensha, Tokyo 2012

Pages: 256

Size: 15 X 10,5 cm

Language: Japanse


Due to its popular appeal and caricaturish, satirical content, yōkai-ga (literally, pictures of monstrous creatures – yōkai) have been treated as a minor current within Japanese art history.Enjoyed by the common people of Japan since ancient times, yōkai-ga have been valued also for their intimate associations with the nature beliefs and folk traditions that are the native culture and religion of Japan.This publishing project is reconsidering the lineage of yōkai-ga in order to offer a fresh look at the distinctive aspects of comicality and humor in Japanese art.
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